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I scripted and animated the explainer video for StationDrop, a digital delivery tool for broadcast programs for the new website, spring 2014.

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Explainer Videos

Ever since Common Craft popularized the “explainer video,” I’ve been interested in a whole new world of  videography. It’s something like animation and motion graphics colliding with story and explanation. I think the explainer video is popular because it makes why the most important question to answer. Here are some explainer videos I’ve created recently to explain some …

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The Arresting Power of A Sunrise

After A Summer Rain – Music Video When Bob Lyons told me he wanted to shoot a music video on a beach I was thinking about the coast. But then we thought, why leave Central Ohio? Ohio has its own nuggets of beauty. We looked into the State Parks. We found out that Alum Creek State …

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Non-verbal Autism - I am a person

Non-Verbal Autistic Woman – Missy

When Homewatch CareGivers asked me to make a video about Missy’s daily life, I thought: “She doesn’t talk. She doesn’t use sign-language. How will she tell me about herself?” I’m never nervous to meet new people, but I was nervous to meet Missy. Watch this video to meet her yourself. I learned that Missy is …

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Jeff Beisel

Father Talks about his 10 Month Old Daughter with Cancer

When I sat down with Jeff Beisel to ask questions about his 10 month old daughter’s cancer, he surprised me. I was not prepared to learn about God’s sovereignty from a man whose family has been turned upside-down since Hudson was diagnosed with stage 4 liver cancer. I was not prepared to see worship where …

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